Ladies and gentlemen, a brand-new Beatles album. Sort of.

It's called Mutation and it's basically me playing Mad Audio Scientist with assorted Beatles recordings, using sampling, editing, effects-processing and other studio finaglery to create something new from strands of classic Beatles DNA. (Hence the title, with apologies to all you anti-GMO crusaders out there).

Mutation is comprised of five tracks. There's a simple re-editing of "Norwegian Wood" to add an element of surrealism to the lyrics ("I told me to stay and she told me there wasn't a laugh / so I looked around in the morning and started the bath"). There's what might be described as a 12-inch extended re-mix of "Twist and Shout" with episodes of reggae and psychedelia. There's "Assault on Pepper"--subtitled "The complete Sgt. Pepper album in under nine minutes". There's "Love from Abbey Road", which takes the last part of that particular album far into uncharted territory.

And then there's "Fabtasia", a piece which takes just under seven minutes to play and which took at least that many months to create. "Fabtasia" is an entirely new (if somewhat peculiar) piece of music created from the instrumental bits of more than sixty Beatles recordings. It was a lot like trying to make a picture using pieces from sixty different jigsaw puzzles.

Awestruck praise, gushing compliments, humble technical/philosophical inquiries and (if you must) nit-picking, pointless, easily ignored criticisms can be sent to:

1. Twisted Shoutdownload | stream
2. Norwogian Weeddownload | stream
3. Assault On Pepperdownload | stream
4. Love From Abbey Roaddownload | stream
5. Fabtasia download | stream

The entire album with artwork download.